10 Years Later, and I’m Still Commencing Operation Snake Eater


Before the calendar turns to 2015, I want to remind everyone that it’s been 10 years since Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater came out!

I was eight years old in 2004. My best friend invited me to watch him play Metal Gear 3. I was familiar with the series, but I was too young to understand what the hell was ever going on. One of my favorite gaming moments didn’t even involve me touching a controller. I merely watched my friend play Metal Gear 3 all day long. The graphics were phenomenal and the story was both hilarious and intense. It was the first time that I grasped the fact that a games can evolve. I was excited to borrow it when my friend was done. I was excited to catch up on the other Metal Gear games. I was excited for the direction games were heading. That feeling never faded and my feelings towards Snake Eater remain the same a decade later.

One of my favorite moments in gaming is climbing the infamous ladder for two minutes in Metal Gear 3 while the James Bond-esque Snake Eater theme song plays in the background. Revolutionary.



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