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Zero Limit is dedicated to exploring realms of science fiction & fantasy throughout all kinds of media–especially video games. The site’s name symbolizes the limitless capacity for these genres and mediums to take our mind to places beyond our wildest dreams.

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ZL prides itself on not filling your screen with endless ads, videos and other junk that makes our site look like shit while slowing down your browser and intruding on your overall experience. We’re here to write what we care about and if you enjoy what you find here, feel free to stick around. Let us figure out how to make a living out of this without bombarding you with animated billboards and eyesores. When it comes to the established way of doing things, we have one motto: Burn it down.


Eric Jackson: Lead Writer and Content Creator


Eric Jackson is a writer and musician from New York City. A passionate gamer and enthusiastic science fiction & fantasy nerd, Zero Limit is the home of his thoughts and ideas regarding the medium of gaming and the power of speculative and imaginative fiction. 

Check out Eric’s archive here.

Information about his musical endeavors can be found at: EricJacksonNYC.com & IKILLYA.com


Peter 2

Peter Pitidis is a computer engineering student and a fantasy enthusiast coming from the world of tabletop RPGs. When he isn’t studying or writing, he’s either practicing martial arts, reading fantasy novels, comics, manga, or diving into D&D source books.
He enjoys works of fantasy for their diversity and variety of perspectives, as well as the immersion and escapism involved.

Out of all fantasy worlds, his favorite is in the rich and engaging steampunk/post-apocalyptic manga, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

Check out Peter’s archive here


Nicholas Krause writes about entertainment media, primarily focusing on video games. When he isn’t writing, he’s playing bass, reading, and petting cats. He enjoys the escapism that Fantasy offers and the forward-thinking perspectives of Science Fiction. His favorite thing about Science Fiction & Fantasy is when the two meet and you get something like Final Fantasy VII.

If he wasn’t doing the writing thing, he would be buying lottery tickets and trying to acquire enough money for the rights to Firefly.

Check out Nicholas’ archive here


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